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Data Backup

Data Backup can protect the lost of the important data if any human error or unexpected disaster. You don’t need to worry about data lost anymore and our monitor tool can monitor backup job is successful or failure. Remote Backup can protect the lost of the important data and client information due to the any human error or unexpected disaster Bandwidth Scheduling to control bandwidth in real time and schedule limits to ensure bandwidth during working hours Encryption is configurable up to 256-bit secures data in transmission and at rest in the cloud Compression reduces the size of backups to minimize transmission time and storage costs. Data is compressed before transfer to the cloud. Monitoring tool can monitor the backup job is successful or failure and emailed report keep us informed on backups synchronized to the cloud.

Backup Solutions

Network Security

Protecting business information is critical to your company’s success. To thoroughly safeguard your entire IT environment, you need not just identity and access management capabilities, but also control over how information is used. We can give you the control you need over your physical, virtual and cloud IT environments—so you can protect your business and the information on which it relies.

Security Solution

  • Network Security
  • Email Security
  • End Point Security
  • Web Security
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